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Parents & Homeschool Educators

We are excited to bring our app outside of the classroom and directly to children who need it.

Bring AFIT home. 

We are continuously testing the program to ensure that it meets the needs of teachers and their students. We want to maximize the benefits we provide and are incorporating feedback in order to achieve this - and now you can utilize these benefits directly from the comfort of your home learning space. 

Ready to get started?

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Homeschool Signup

Using the signup button above, select the parent option and fill out the registration form prompts. Every section must be filled out to ensure a successful registration.

Confirm and Pay

AFIT Learning Homeschool charges $9.95 CAD/month for each student registered. This can be billed monthly and must be paid before you can start evaluations.

Register your students

Parents and homeschooling educators can now begin signing up multiple students and begin their evaluations.

What are the benefits?

  • User Friendly

    The application itself is easy to use for users of all skill levels

  • Private

    Data collected is safely stored and private for all parties involved

  • Customizable

    After the evaluation, each student has a custom plan made specifically for them

  • Non-Invasive

    We work with the teachers and the classroom, not against them. Now at home as well.

  • Scientific

    Proven methods with the research and results to back them up

  • Proven

    Jared and Heather have been practising psychologists in the early education space for over a decade

Having trouble registering?

Get in touch with AFIT Learning and we will get you up and running. Or check out our FAQ for more information.

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