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"93.9% of people with a learning disability who require special educational aid feel that some of their needs are not being met (statistics Canada, 2012). 



"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."

Winston Churchill


Learning Disabilities are not uncommon, and yet oftentimes these difficulties go untreated, leading to frustration and untapped student potential.

Current evaluation processes can be inefficient and costly – resulting in many students’ learning needs being misunderstood and subsequently programming for incorrectly.

How Can We Help?


Results allow teachers to be proactive in a student's learning journey, and in some cases, allow for early correction.


Individualized recommendations to drive change & give the student immediate room for growth


Processes that enable teachers to make high level evaluations themselves, thus giving the student immediate help.

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What Is AFIT Learning?

The Academic Frustration Intervention Tool (AFIT) is an online evaluation platform that allows teachers to evaluate a child's aptitude in literacy, numeracy and cognition in just 10 to 20 minutes with no specialized training. Based on our years of experience in the school system, we developed AFIT to support students and teachers, and reflect that frustration plays a critical role in helping to identify the underlying academic challenges that can be key indicators of lagging skills and learning disorders. Once a student evaluation is completed, AFIT provides immediate and long-term recommendations and interventions that can be implemented both at school and home to support that student’s development.

By allowing teachers to perform the evaluations themselves, AFIT avoids costly formal evaluations, enabling students with even mild symptoms to get immediate help. AFIT’s recommendations help teachers to develop individualized program plans for their students’ varied and complex needs, giving students the specialized resources they need to succeed.

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